The people we work with are what make Apple King so great. We want to take a moment to recognize individuals, teams and the work they do. Please take a minute to get to know us and them better. Check back for more profiles.

Yakima Shipping Department

The shipping department at our Yakima facility is where everything happens. Every truck that comes in to pick-up an order must first weigh-in and check-in before being loaded. Once loaded the paperwork is finished up and the trucks pull onto the scale again to weigh-out. Inspection papers, weight slips, load sheets, temperature recorders and trailer seals are all handled within shipping.

Apple King Shipping Team

L to R: Roberto (Tripa), Lupe, Ana, Saul

Let’s get to know them better!

How long have you worked for Apple King?

  • Ana: 27 years
  • Lupe: 4 years
  • Saul: 28 years
  • Roberto: 14 years

What do you like to do outside of work?

  • Ana: I like to go to the movies and read
  • Lupe: Spend time with my kids, family and friends as well as cook and cater
  • Saul: Boating and camping
  • Roberto: Play soccer and watch my kids play sports

If you had a super power what would it be?

  • Ana: Fly and be invisible (that sounds like two!)
  • Lupe: Help sick kids as they are the future
  • Saul: Breathe under water
  • Roberto: Heal people especially those with cancer

Of all the locations Apple King ships fruit to which would you like to visit?

  • Ana: Taiwan and Mexico
  • Lupe: Malaysia and India
  • Saul: Costa Rica
  • Roberto: India